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JURATEK Awarded Premier Data Supplier Status by TecDoc

Juratek have been submitting catalogue data to TecDoc for many years, and have always been dedicated to supplying the best quality data to the TecDoc online catalogue. The quality of the data has now been recognised by TecDoc, which has resulted in Juratek achieving Premier Data Supplier (PDS) status.

TecDoc is a leading global provider of automotive parts data, offering comprehensive and standardized information to support various businesses in the automotive aftermarket. The Premier Data Supplier status within TecDoc's ecosystem is an esteemed recognition granted to companies that consistently meet high standards in providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete automotive parts data.

Premier Data Suppliers are typically manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers of automotive parts and components. They play a crucial role in ensuring that TecDoc's database remains robust and reliable. Achieving Premier Data Supplier status signifies a commitment to maintaining data quality and integrity, which is vital for enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth within the automotive aftermarket industry.

By attaining Premier Data Supplier status, companies can enjoy several benefits, such as increased visibility and credibility within the TecDoc network, improved access to potential customers, and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other industry stakeholders. This status also demonstrates a company's dedication to excellence in data management and contributes to building trust among users of TecDoc's platform.

It's worth noting that specific criteria and requirements for obtaining Premier Data Supplier status may vary depending on TecDoc's policies and guidelines. However, regardless of the exact criteria, holding this status underscores a company's commitment to providing high-quality automotive parts data, which is essential for success in the competitive aftermarket sector.

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