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On the 16th February 2023 Fras-le has, in partnership with Randon Companies, one of the most advanced research centres in Latin America, acquired the shares of Juratek.

Juratek has a strong, dedicated, and experienced management team that share the same values as those in Fras-le, and this partnership enhances the strategies of both organisations while at the same time providing further opportunities to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain and creates additional sourcing opportunities.

More than 65 years of tradition reflected in quality

Since the start of its trajectory, in 1954, Fras-le has been marked by its bold thinking and acting ahead of its own time, always prioritizing technological developments. Fras-le takes pride in offering products that are in constant evolution so as to meet the needs of the global market for more than 60 years.
Fras-le is a driving force in the global automotive parts industry, bringing together a portfolio of well recognized high-quality products and brands. In addition, it is one of the world's largest manufacturers of friction material, serving both Original Equipment and aftermarket.
The company develops and manufactures products for cars, motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles, aviation and for the railway and industrial lines. With units in Brazil, United States, China, Argentina, Uruguay, and India, it has ten industrial plants, six distribution centers, four commercial offices, two technology and development centers and a team capable of serving customers in more than 120 countries on five continents, offering more than 14,000 references in automotive parts solutions. Since 1996, Fras-le has been part of Randon Companies
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