Juratek is a fully certified BS EN ISO9001: 2015 accredited company.
JURATEK employs product engineers who have developed our products to today's industry-leading standards.
Juratek engineers work with our manufacturing partners to develop our products to industry leading standards

To safeguard quality standards, the Juratek ranges of brake pads are fully certified to ECE Regulation 90 and officially approved for fitting in any European country. Their pads are produced in a factory that has ISO9001 and ISO14001, which are standards that recognise the quality of products and materials as well as its environmental friendliness. The factory also has TS16949, which is a much sought after standard and means they have been evaluated and appraised by the O.E vehicle manufacturers.


Juratek brake discs are produced to exacting standards in both dimensional integrity and material specifications.  Juratek ensures that every batch of discs released for sale passes through their in-house testing facility to ensure conformity to the required specifications of dimensional integrity, hardness, strength and chemical composition. All parts carry batch control numbers for traceability from factory to distributor.

ISO9001 : 2015
Warranty Terms
Warranty Terms
BER Certificate of Conformity
BER Certificate of Conformity
Block Exemption
Block Exemption
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EAC Certificate of Conformity
EAC Certificate of Conformity (Russia)
UkrSEPRO Certificate of Conformity
UkrSEPRO Certificate of Conformity (Ukraine)

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