ECE R90:02 Brake Disc Approvals

It is now more than 15 years since the European safety regulation, UN ECER90, was introduced for replacement disc brake pads and drum brake linings.  The aim was to establish a common minimum standard of braking performance, product integrity and manufactured quality for replacement brake linings across the whole of Europe. Previously, the market was unregulated and products of dubious performance and quality could be sold with impunity with consequent safety risks to all road users.

Brake drums and disc were not included in ECE R90. These too are safety critical components and hitherto there have been no regulatory standards to ensure their service quality. Consequently, five years ago, the UN Geneva-based Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear (GRRF), the body responsible for preparing regulatory proposals on active safety, began working to extend ECER90 to cover brake discs and drums.

The regulation only applies to replacement brake discs and drums for braking systems type-approved after these dates; the approval of replacement parts for vehicles already in production before these dates will not be mandatory. However, Juratek has taken the view that even the replacement parts we sell today should meet the new legislative requirements.  Consequently the existing Juratek range of CV brake discs are now undergoing approval by the UK  Vehicle  Certification Agency (VCA).

CV braking

Juratek  is a leading aftermarket supplier of discs to fit commercial vehicles, trailers, trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars, all matching OE quality.


 Juratek brake discs are produced to exacting standards in both dimensional integrity and material specifications. Every batch of discs released for sale passes through our in-house testing facility to ensure conformity to required specifications of dimensional integrity, hardness, strength and chemical composition.


All parts carry batch control numbers for traceability from factory to distributor. Our design department uses the latest CAD design technology with particular attention to disc venting to ensure correct cooling of the disc in operation.  Due regard is also given to patent search, dimensional integrity, casting finish, machined area and material specifications.



SYNERGY noun (pl) -gies

the combined power of components when working  together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.             



After more than two years of development and field tests, a new friction brand is now available. SYNERGY Braking Technology. This new friction has been developed to optimise the synergistic relationship between friction components and a vehicles performance and service life.

Brake friction components are critical to safety. With heavy demands on performance, these components need to be robust and to work efficiently and effectively in all environments.

SYNERGY braking has been proven on truck, trailer, bus and coach applications to provide premium braking performance and durability under all service operating conditions.

All SYNERGY braking is tested and approved to UN ECE R90:02 by the VCA, the UK’s designated type approval authority with more than 30 years experience in testing and providing certification for vehicle systems and components.

While safety is of paramount importance, extended wear rates and economy are also important. 
SYNERGY braking has been developed to provide the optimum balance of performance and durability of both pad and disc.

ECE R90 Approved VCA UK

Synergy brake pads have a bedding-in coat on the friction surface. This helps improve “out of the box” performance and reduce the usual time required to bed-in new pads.

Additionally, this coating  helps remove any surface debris which may be left over from previous friction materials.


High temperature adhesive is used to bond the friction material to the backplate.


Synergy brakes are marked with the UN ECE R90 (UK) approval number, production batch code for traceability and part number reference.


Synergy brakes use a wire mesh spot welded to the backplate which works in conjunction with the adhesive layer to provide a secure mechanical key between the friction material and backplate even under the most arduous of operating conditions.


Synergy is tested and approved to UN ECE R90:02 by the VCA and is manufactured in state of the art production facilities accredited to ISO9001 and TS16949.


All Brake Pads are manufactured to our own specifications based on the original parts and will operate in service similar to their OEM counterparts. There are three different grades of friction material available. Each designed for specific purposes and temperature ranges.

  • ECER90 Approved
  • Competitive performance
  • Competitive pad life at low to medium temperature
  • Competitive disc life
  • Fully painted bedding coat
  • Mechanical retention system
  • Fitting Kits optional extra
  • ECER90 Approved by the VCA UK
  • Competitive performance
  • Competitive pad life at all temperature levels
  • Competitive disc life
  • Fully comparable to OES grades
  • Diamond pattern abrasive bedding coat
  • Mechanical retention system
  • Fitting kits supplied as standard
  • Nitrile gloves supplied with each set
  • ECER90 Approved by the VCA UK
  • Superior performance
  • Superior pad life at all temperature levels
  • Competitive disc life
  • Fully comparable to OE grades
  • Fully painted bedding coat
  • Mechanical retention system
  • Fitting kits supplied as standard
  • Ideal for bus and coach applications
  • Supplied to multiple teams competing in the British Truck Racing Championship



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