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Bowler Racing Race Report

The Bowler Racing Team Members, John, Mark, Daz & Ethan, have all worked extremely hard through the winter to get the truck race-ready. The changes made over the winter period include an upgraded MAN D28 Engine with Eaton gearbox, a new MAN back axle, fully rebuilt cab interior and exterior (with the DAF facelift). The made changes have improved the lap times significantly, although unfortunately some teething issues from engine and set up proved to affect the performance over the first weekend.

Success achieved in the first race with a 3rd place at Brands Hatch.

Well done to the team on the opening season weekend at Brands Hatch - they did an amazing job getting the truck ready for each race.

Qualifying proved good result with a starting position of 6th place of 14.

Race one began with some tactical man-over through the field and ended with John finishing a triumphant 3rd on the podium.

Race two began in 8th position. John managed to move through the field however, during an over take into Surtees, hr got knocked off track. This turned out to be quite critical as the truck was knocked onto the grass at around 80mph and gained some unwanted airborne action. This caused damage so serious that the truck was unable to continue, resulting in a DNF. In the pits some serious damage to the vehicle was discovered. The team worked tirelessly through the night to get race ready and prepared for a 8th position start in the morning. In race three, John started 8th and managed to move up to 3rd. He held the position for the full race but on the last lap unfortunately, the boost pipe failed. This resulted in the loss of three positions within the last two corners.

During the final race of the weekend, John kept up a good race. An unforeseen fault with the water system to the brakes resulted in his brakes overheating although, even with no water the SYNERGY brake discs and pads did not crack under the immense heat from restraining the 5.4t race truck around the track resulting in a 6th place finish in the final race. Even though the team didn’t get the opportunity for another podium it was still an amazing weekend all round. John was immensely grateful to the team’s efforts in the trucks fast turnaround after being knocked off the track.

The team is now working extremely hard in preparation for Pembrey, South Wales, in May. Onward and upwards for Team Bowler!

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