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Penultimate Round at PEMBREY!

Getting the truck ready to go to Pembrey was never going to be plain sailing for Luke and the team, who definitely had their work cut out. After serious damage to the truck at previous meetings there was a lot to be getting on with new springs, mounts and shocks to be fitted - to name a few! But Luke and the team managed to sorted in no time at all and, once completed, Luke and some of the team headed off to the circuit on Thursday afternoon so that they were ready for a much-needed Testing session on Friday which, thankfully, went very well.

The team knew that qualifying was going to be interesting. Luke was going to have to try and push the truck to its limit and see if the modified stability set up was going to work or not, but lo and behold, it worked brilliantly and Luke was able to claim second spot.

Race one saw Luke sat on the outside of the front row with a chance to get going but, unfortunately, this was not to be. However Luke raced his heart out and, at the end of the race, he had neither gained or lost any positions so another 15 points were achieved - 14 for his second place finished and another for his fastest lap achievement.

With Luke finishing race one in second it was time for the reverse grid to come into effect for race two so Luke would have to start back in 7th position. With Traffic ahead it was going to be very hard work to get through but Luke managed to do so and ended the race with another podium finish - this time in 3rd.

The sun was shining brightly on Sunday morning as the Luke and the rest of division 2 took to the circuit for race three. The team went into the race knowing that, if Luke finished 4th or higher then the 2019 championship would be theirs - and Luke did just that! Starting from 2nd on the grid Luke's foot was on the floor as soon as the lights went out giving him the oportunity to stretch the legs on the Truck and ended the race with no bother from anyone else crossing the line in 1st position. The Team in the Pits and watching on the banks were over the moon knowing that they had managed to secure back to back Championships. Delighted with their massive achievement the team were able to have short celebrations before making preperations for the final race.

Luke had the reverse grid to contend with again in the final race but this was no bother at all for the freshly crowned Champ. With the championship claimed in the previous race Luke’s aim was to go out, try his best and score points - and that’s exactly what he did, coming

through from 8th position to finish 2nd.

Now Luke has captured the Championship title for another year his next mission is to go out at Brands Hatch and bring back his dad's yrophy, The Ross Garrett Memorial Trophy which is given for the highest point scorer over the final meeting.

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