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The Cathedral of Speed at THRUXTON!

June 2019;

The time has come again to hit the road and get back on the track and what a long few weeks it’s been.

Luke and his team were loaded up Friday morning ready to head the short distance to the fastest circuit on the Calendar - Thruxton. With Pembrey now a distant memory it was time to take to the Hampshire tyre eating circuit. With Track time restrictions being applied at Thruxton, the team were unable to complete any testing so were reliant on the performance the truck gave them at Pembrey.

After a wash, polish, and a new set of discs and pads installed it was time to take to the circuit for qualifying session on Saturday morning. With temperatures expected to be in the 30s it was guaranteed to be tough on both the truck and Luke himself. Luke and the Truck performed as best they could in the tricky, hot conditions and managed to seal 2nd spot on the grid. After qualifying had finished it was time to get the truck back and have a good check over everything to make sure it was in best working order.

Race one saw Luke sat on the outside of the front row with a chance to get going - and Luke did just that,making an incredible start gaining 1st position as they flew into the 1st corner. Once Luke was out front there was nothing that even came close to tackling last year’s champ. Again, Luke was the first driver to see the waving chequered flag and sealed another 15 championship points.

With Luke conquering the grid in race one it was time for the pack to be reversed with Luke having to start further back then he had liked in race two. Traffic was to be of an issue for Luke but, after picking them off one by one, he was able to finish the race in 2nd place, less than a Truck gap behind Steve Powell.

Luke started from second position in this race three because of the qualifying times he put in 24hrs before. Again, with Luke on the outside of the front row he had nothing to worry about apart from getting the truck and himself away from the ever hungry field of trucks - and that he did. After the 15min race it was another 15 points in the bag.

Race 4 had both Division 1 and 2 race together just like the old days, with division 1 starting behind division 2. With Luke getting what can only be described as a phenomenal start from the middle of the pack, there was nothing in either divisions that would come close to catching Luke as he stormed from start to finish. It was defiantly a crowd favorite to watch!

That Concludes the Thruxton meeting now to prepare for the more challenging Nürburgring All we can say is Watch this Space!

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